Watercolor Sketchbooks Made Simple: Botanicals

Learn How To...

Fill An Entire Watercolor Sketchbook With Florals, Botanicals & Other Designs You Love!

Have you ever wanted to create a painting collection, but didn’t know where to start, what type of designs to create, and felt like you lacked direction?

If that speaks to you, You're in the right place!

I used to feel the same way! That is... until I started painting in a small sketchbook.

Painting in my sketchbook has allowed me to explore new ideas & have fun with each painting, without the fear of messing up or experiencing the pressure to create something perfect!

I'm telling you... You're gonna love exploring your creative side with this watercolor sketchbook!

By the end of this course, you will have the skills, confidence, and inspiration to create an entire sketchbook full of beautiful botanical & floral paintings... all on your own!

Ready to fill an entire sketchbook? Come join us!

$147.00 USD