How To Enjoy Your Watercolor Sketchbook Practice

Are you brand new to sketchbook painting, and still trying to figure out how to get the most of it?

Maybe you've never painted in a sketchbook, and just want to know if it's right for you!

Maybe you want to know...

  • What tools to use
  • How long to spend on your sketchbook to make the most of it
  • What type of things to create in your sketchbook
  • Inspiration & ideas of what to paint!
  • Ideas for visual inspiration 
  • Friendly, beginner sketchbook advice from an artist who has painted in sketchbooks for years!

If this sounds like you, this eBook will give you the guidance, ideas, inspiration, & right supplies to get started & really ENJOY creating amazing things in a watercolor sketchbook!

*** This is a downloadable eBook with 22 pages filled with ideas & inspiration from me! There are no videos included ***

$37.00 USD