$147.00 USD


Watercolor Sketchbooks Made Simple: SKETCHING For Watercolors

What If I Told You That You Could...
Master The Single Most IMPORTANT & OVERLOOKED Skill Artists Need To Know!

And start seeing your watercolor paintings dramatically improve in JUST WEEKS!

The truth is... I neglected learning this skill for YEARS, and I WISH I learned it sooner because it would have saved me from so much PAIN and FRUSTRATION!

Now... I used to feel this way about sketching...
💭 "I can barely even draw a stick figure"

💭 "Sketching has never been my strong suit"

💭 "There's no way this will make me a better painter"

Now that I'm sketching on a daily basis, I've found that sketching finally gives me total creative freedom.
...And it can do the same for you!

In this class, you'll get:

  • Introduction to the sketchbook - quick summary of sketchbooks I have created to give you a sneak peek & inspiration!
  • Detailed Supplies List & Videos - simple rundown of what you need to create your very own sketching supply kit!
  • Lots of Class Variety - I wanted you to leave this class able to draw & sketch nearly anything you want. Together we will learn how to draw flowers, bees, mushrooms, buildings and more!
  • ​Photograph Reference Guides - In this class we will use photos as references, and learning how to start using those same sketching skills all from memory as well!
  • ​Bonus Lesson - We will work with oil pastels with your sketches, which are super fun to work with!
  • Exclusive LIVE Workshop Recording - You'll get access to a recording of an exclusive LIVE workshop, available only to students in this class where we sketch & paint images from the included eBook together!
  • & Much More!