Watercolor Lounge Collection (Includes Additional Classes)

Get All 9 Months of the Watercolor Lounge for one low price!

Want to get 9 months of painting inspiration AND access to my two student favorite classes?!

Previously only available though a monthly membership, the watercolor lounge is your chance to get access to 9 full months of painting!

This bundle also includes access to my student favorite classes:

- Watercolors Made Simple 

- Advanced Watercolors Made Simple

What you'll get:

  • 9 unique months of painting designs & motifs!
  • 9 Live workshop recordings for each month, where Nicki discusses the paintings for the month in more detail & even paints along with you!
  • Unique traceables for each month!
  • Detailed lessons on the motifs that we will paint together in each month of the Lounge!
  • Access to my best selling class - Watercolors Made Simple!
  • Access to my student favorite class - Advanced Watercolors Made Simple!


*Please Note: The 9 months included in this collection are the same as you can buy individually on my website! While you will save over 50% purchasing this collection over the individual months, this does not include new Watercolor Lounge content for those of you who have joined me in the Lounge already*

$197.00 USD